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Languages and Pricing


$0.06 /word

For formal content

Processed by native-speaking translators and reviewed by verified editors. The translated text is error-free, true to the original content, and fine-tuned with relevant industry knowledge.

*Price via online order


$0.08 /word

For professional or academic document meant for external or end-user use

Handled by extremely experienced native-speaking translators, and reviewed by QA editors with help of subject matter experts. The results are high quality, professional translated files.

*Price via online order

Additional Services

Contact us for a quote

We offer one-stop localization services for clients, please feel free to contact us for a quote:

Neural Machine Translation and Post Editing

Desktop Publishing



Subtitling (Transcription, Time Code)

LQA Testing (Software, Games)

1. The delivery time of online orders is determined depending on the word-count, difficulty of the content and translation workflow. What’s more, as our translators come from all over the world, the job delivery time will also be affected by time differences. In order to get your files translated in time, please prepare translation files as soon as possible.

2. Wiitrans provides localization services in 130+ languages and 200+ language pairs. For enquiries of other language pairs, high volume or complex projects, please Contact Us.

Online Service Features

Easy To Use

With the advanced translation management system we developed, it takes only three steps for clients to place an order. An instantaneous quote and an estimated time of delivery will be provided as soon as content and language pair is established. Then we take care of the rest. It speeds up the delivery time and is available as long as there is internet.

High Efficiency

Wiitrans offers 24/7 online services, so you can place an order whenever and wherever you need. Our automated translation management system and streamlined workflow enable our linguists to start translating within minutes, and real-time progress checking is provided. With 5000+ experienced linguists around the world, you will get efficiency, scalability, and high-quality translations in over 40 languages.

Refined Quality

At Wiitrans, all linguists are examined by strict skills tests and verified experience in a specific industry. With the semantic matching algorithm, your order will be assigned to the most suitable linguists. After translation, quality assurance reviewers or subject meter experts will identify and edit potential quality issues to ensure the delivery of high-quality translations.

Flexible Pricing

We provide two quality tiers that clients can choose from depending on budget and intended usage, i.e. standard and professional. The cost is calculated by source text word count with no minimum charge, no PM fee, and revision is included.

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