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Translations of legal documents require a high level of accuracy and consistency, as a financial disagreement or a legal dispute could result from a mistranslated word. To provide you with accurate, quick turnaround translation services with a high degree of confidentiality in 40+ languages, we have established an in-house project team comprised of linguists and project managers with specialized knowledge in the legal industry.

Wiitrans Solutions

Corporate Law

The increase in cross-border M&A activity, overseas investments, securities offerings, etc. has led to an increased demand for legal translation services, in the face of global trade integration. We handpick qualified native language linguists who have undergone legal training for the translation of legal content, including commercial contracts, M&A filings, articles of association, and prospectuses, through the application of their comprehensive knowhow on taxation, finance, and business based on local laws and legislation.


Of utmost consideration for the international expansion of technology companies is the localization of patents and intellectual property effectively for applications and protection. Our professional multilingual patent translation team with experience in the patent industry is well-versed in the patent application process in various countries, and can ensure that translations meet the language and format requirements for patent applications in the respective countries.


Disputes are inevitable in a competitive commercial landscape. When you are embroiled in a commercial disagreement or financial dispute, you have to get the relevant materials translated into the local language before entering arbitration. Wiitrans has provided law firms with translation services for thousands of case files, testimonies, etc., and is equipped with professional linguists and well-developed solutions to provide you with strong preparation for such challenges, through accurate, rigorous translations within a quick turnaround time.

Services We Provide

Content Translation

  • Business Contracts
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • eDiscovery Content
  • Patents
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Investment Protocols
  • Arbitration Documents
  • Testimonies
  • •••

Desktop Publishing

  • Document Format
  • Document Layout
  • Graphic

Featured Case Study


The client is an international law firm that provides legal services for various sectors and industries, and has operations in China, the United States, Japan, Australia, and other countries and regions.


The law firm had various content that needed translating: specialized legal documents in various fields, bidding documents, marketing material, website content, news articles, etc. As the content for translation originated from different departments in the law firm, the overall language assets of the client was in need of coordinated management. Precision being key in the legal industry, this client has extremely high standards.


Formation of a core team

Wiitrans put together a team of translators and reviewers, well-versed in law and precise in language. We also assigned Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to the project to verify the accuracy of translated terminology for content like bidding documents and intellectual property documentation. To ensure the highest quality of content related to laws and legislation in terms of language expression and legal terminology, native language legal reviewers were consulted as well.

Building a standardized term base for coordinating language assets

We worked with the client to extract terminology from the content, and built a standardized term base before the project started, forming a point of reference. Translation efficiency was also boosted through our proprietary translation tool WiiCAT, which automatically identifies terminology so linguists do not have to spend time conducting research. Individual translation memories built for the respective content were all managed by the project manager, and would reduce translation costs for future projects.


Having moved past the initial phase, we have become the client’s long term language service provider in the Chinese–English language pair. Quality translations are delivered to the client for every project within the specified timeline. "You are the hero!" as is often stated by the client mentioned in emails.