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Having provided subtitling services for years, Wiitrans has now applied the latest AI technologies with the WiiMedia media localization system. By tapping the potential of AI speech recognition, natural language processing, big data, and neural machine translation, WiiMedia optimizes the subtitling process, and automates the transcription, time-coding, and translation stages. We strive to stay ahead of technological developments to advance the intelligent transformation of the industry, streamlining repetitive workflows to offer producers and distributors of video content more efficient, quick, and low-cost localization services.

Application Scenarios

WiiMedia offers a media localization solution for the entertainment, sports, education, and marketing industry domains. We are able to meet the diversified needs of clients by utilizing the latest technologies.

TV and Movies
Sports Events
Media Interviews
Promotional Videos
Online Courseware

WiiMedia – Subtitling Platform

AI Transcription

Audio files undergo specialized processing before the content is automatically transcribed into text with speech recognition technique. The final scripts are ready for use once they have been post-edited professionally. WiiMedia transcribes an hour-long video in just 10 minutes, which is almost 20 times as efficient than manual transcription.

Instant Translation

The AI-transcribed subtitles can be instantly pre-translated with our in-house dedicated WiiMT, an integrated neural machine translation engine that has been trained with tens of millions sentences of high quality subtitle-corpus, ensuring that the accuracy of translations are above the market average. As a guide, WiiMedia raises subtitling efficiency for an episode in a television series by about 5 times comparing with conventional process.


The subtitles generated then have to be synchronized with the audio. Inputting time stamps is a process that takes both time and labor. As such, WiiMedia uses natural language processing to identify when the speaker pauses or ends a sentence to insert time codes automatically while the audio is being transcribed. With additional human post-editing process, WiiMedia ensures the accuracy of time-coding for the final version of the video.

Subtitling Engine

WiiMT, our proprietary translation engine, has been trained with tens of millions of sentences in genres such as TV and movies, documentaries, and variety. Thanks to the continuous tuning of the engine, translations of a higher-than-average quality can be produced at a more budget-friendly price. WiiMedia also comes with an online term base and translation memory tool to ensure accurate terminology right from the draft.

Error Checker

Based on style guidelines for the video content, WiiMedia can perform customized checks and specify where errors occur. Automating the review of the number of lines in a shot, character limitations, reading speed, numbers, high-frequency words, and punctuation minimizes the risk of human error, ensuring consistent and accurate subtitles.

Export Formats

WiiMedia can process .avi, .mp4, .flv, .rmvb, .f4v, and other files in mainstream audio formats. To satisfy virous requirements from our clients, the exported files can display the final subtitles alone, or together with the source in a top or down layout. And WiiMedia exports the SRT, ASS, or SSA subtitle files with just one single click.

WiiMedia – Subtitling Management

Project Management

Our WiiMedia AI media localization system is integrated with our project management cloud platform - WiiCloud. Editing of the neural machine translation drafts by linguists takes place entirely online, without the need to download large video files. Our project managers centrally manage the entire life cycle, including file processing, linguist assignments, quality control, progress monitoring, and final delivery.

Linguist Management

We have over a hundred qualified linguists in our subtitling team, who are experienced in the domain and trained in various disciplines. They have translated tens of thousands of drama series, and are well-versed in various content styles. By pairing WiiMedia with the WiiCloud platform, project managers categorize linguists into groups by video genre, language combination, and time zone. Our linguists are on standby 24/7 to meet subtitling needs.

Online Collaboration

Our project managers will break down the tasks for larger projects and form a project team right on WiiMedia. Linguists in the team can view information on the tasks in real time and take on the appropriate volume. With each team member’s responsibilities clearly outlined, linguists can collaborate on the subtitling and share similar translations, as editing kicks off at the same time. The project progress and quality are ensured by maintaining oversight over each stage.

Real-time Communication

During the translation or editing process on WiiMedia, linguists can discuss any issues with the team online, providing information all in one place, keeping the project on track.

Progress Tracking

WiiMedia’s real-time tracking feature allows project managers to stay on top of project progress for on-time delivery. For ease of mind, clients can log in online or use the Wiitrans WeChat Mini Program to check on the project at anytime.

Our Strengths


With WiiMedia, clients can benefit from a complete one-stop solution to their transcription, subtitling, time-coding, translation, video compression, post-production, and other multimedia needs, instead of coordinating their project across several vendors.

High Capacity

AI technologies perform transcription with speech recognition, deep learning, time-coding, and neural machine translation with human post-editing. This new model of “AI Transcription + Subtitling Engine + Professional Editing” shortens the turnaround time for 5 times as much capacity as manual workflows.

Cost Saving

The deep integration of AI technologies to complete highly repetitive work reduces the amount of labor required and decreases costs by about 50% compared with conventional workflows. WiiMedia is key to our Wiitrans Media Localization Solution, and features custom service flows and transparent pricing.

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