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What is LQA (Localization Quality Assurance) Testing?

In an increasingly global world, many publishers of software, games, and Apps now have their sights set on overseas markets and are rolling out different language versions, to cater to the needs of users in various countries and regions. The process of internationalizing and localizing such products is not just about translation — you will need LQA Testing services to ensure that your target users enjoy a smooth experience. LQA Testing takes place during the last stage of the localization of a software, game, or App. To tailor the experience for each target market, checks for potential religious, cultural, linguistic, and visual issues can be implemented in addition to quality control, UI/UX reviews, and compliance testing.

Why need LQA Testing services?

Many developers have simply translated the content of their product to reach their target market, but saw little results. It is likely that LQA Testing was not implemented in such cases. Let us take a look at why LQA Testing is needed and how it can benefit your product.

Translations that are just right

Due to their complexity, many languages have words that can be many meanings. When presented with just text and no screenshots or context, experienced linguists who have not actually used a product may be hard-pressed to produce the most suitable translations. By displaying translations in the actual interface, professional linguistic testers can perform checks in the application or game, and make modifications to get the translations just right.

Other issues specific to certain languages can also be addressed at this stage. For example, diacritics in Polish, Hebrew, and Arabic may not display correctly in some fonts.

User-friendly experience

Being well-versed in the product categories and target markets, LQA Testing professionals have an eagle eye for visual issues that tend to crop up during localization: overflowing text due to a long translated string and insufficient space; incorrect truncations and line breaks; variables in the wrong place; UTF characters that cannot be displayed; font sizes that have not been adapted for screen sizes, which affects readability; and missing or incomplete translations.

Consideration of religions, cultures, and user habits

Our team of native LQA testers are well-versed with the respective target regions and can identify potential religious and cultural issues, and help improve the UX design to suit local user habits. By evaluating whether your product suits local consumers during the testing phase, issues can be fixed timely to avoid having to deal with negative publicity or pull your product off the market.

Fix bugs and other issues that easily escape your eye

Unlike developers, LQA testers review content from the user’s perspective, and are also attuned to the language, culture, and habits of target users. As such, they will help you create a better product by identifying linguistic, visual, and cultural issues, as well as bugs or design considerations that you may have overlooked.

Natives + Product knowledge

+ Experienced in LQA

Last stage of localization

Address linguistic, cultural,

and visual issues

Testing on multiple platforms

Skilled in debugging tools

Bug reports submitted through

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What products need LQA Testing services?

In-Software LQA Testing

We have localized BM/BI software, online learning courseware, desktop publishing applications, information software, e-commerce systems, manufacturing software, and construction software.

When translating online help, user manuals, and UIs for such products, dates, currencies, and time have to be localized properly for the interface. Furthermore, software functionality must not be compromised when adjusting to the reading habits of target users.

Our test engineers and quality control personnel will work closely with your development team to ensure that your localized UI (including the buttons, menus, and dialog boxes) are presented perfectly to users.

In-App LQA Testing

Through the years, we have localized apps for video streaming, news and publications, photography, messaging and social media, education and learning, fashion and shopping, travel and transport, and productivity enhancement.

With our knowledge of UI positioning, context, and terms that are common in Apps, as well as target user habits, we will help you raise the competitiveness of your product.

In-Game LQA Testing

Wiitrans is a professional game localization service provider that has served numerous renowned developers and publishers.

Our specialized linguistic testers for games are trained and proficient in the range of test cases and debugging tools. They are native testers who are hardcore gamers, providing comprehensive support to help clients address localization issues.

We cater to internal and online testing, and testing of game updates, supporting games throughout their lifecycle. We are a trusted partner of our clients and help ensure that their target users enjoy the ultimate gaming experience.

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