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At Wiitrans, we understand that sales campaigns may be ineffective when sales and marketing materials are translated word for word without considering the cultural background of the target market. Sales and marketing materials should engagingly convey messages in the local language by considering the brand’s positioning as well as the culture of the target market.

Wiitrans Solutions

Marketing Communications

Unlike technical documents or content, linguists who translate marketing communications must have strong writing ability in addition to comprehensive translation experience. All of our linguists in the marketing communications domain have work experience in sales and marketing, and advertising divisions; our linguists understand the voice of the respective client’s brand before translating marketing communications, to ensure that translations suit the brand and the target segment’s preferences.

Marketing Survey Reports and Proposals

Demand for the translation of market survey reports and marketing strategies is driven by professional market analytics firms, think tanks, big data companies, Ad companies, and PR companies. Our linguists pay special attention to word choice and expressions when translating such content to ensure accurate translations that read smoothly and coherently.

Our DTP engineers perform the layout of text, graphics, and tables according to the language when the translation process has been completed, taking into consideration how the target audience will take in and consume the content.

Press Releases

Translations of press releases are time sensitive, and normally with a quick turnaround. So a language service provider has to ensure that ample resources are on standby at any time, to ensure high-quality deliverables.

Wiitrans is equipped to provide you with 24/7 language services. We are backed by a wide pool of resources with our 5,000+ professional linguists in more than 50 countries and regions.

Media, Films and TV Shows

Great attention to detail is necessary for the translation of television dramas, films, and eBooks in the entertainment, film, and TV show industry. Translations have to be accurate while retaining original creative elements. The linguist has to perform the translation according to the period that the production is set in, as well as cultural practices, so the audience can understand the storyline easily.

Our tailored project team can provide you with one-stop multimedia services for your media, film, and TV show translation needs, and are well-versed in the subtitling rules and formats for iflix, Netflix, etc. Aside from subtitling and script translation, our multimedia localization services include voice over, dubbing and video editing.

Services We Provide

Content Translation

  • Websites
  • Corporate Videos
  • Product Promotional Videos
  • TV Shows
  • Films
  • eBooks
  • Blogs
  • Branded Content
  • Market Reports
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • •••

Desktop Publishing

  • Document Format
  • Document Layout
  • Graphic

Multimedia Localization

  • Transcription
  • Subtitling
  • Voice Over
  • Video Editing
  • Dubbing

Featured Case Study


The client is a material-handling solution provider to Amazon, Bosch, Coca-Cola, and other top international brands. Along with a recent change in personnel at their China division, Wiitrans was contracted for the translation of the solution provider’s product manuals from English into Simplified Chinese.


The Style Guide (SG) initially provided by the client was what their headquarters in Switzerland had been using, dictated a translation style for the product manual suited to technical documentation and lacked an engaging tone. The new person-in-charge of the client’s China division felt that a shift in the competitive landscape required more effort to be put into the prose to make an impact, but had no experience in localization and did not specify definite terminology or style preferences.


A technical & marketing linguist team to establish the client’s style

We had used the technical style guidelines given when we first delivered the translation to the client, but the feedback was less than satisfactory. Over the course of discussions, we found that the style specified was misaligned with the client’s expectations due to the fact that the Style Guide (SG) and terminology list provided by the client were in need of updating. To reduce the in-house review work needed at the client’s end, we updated the client’s terminology list, added linguists specializing in marketing documents to the team, followed up more closely with the client, and had haphazard files re-engineered.

DTP team learned software from scratch

The client was still using the DTP software that one of its first localization service providers used back in the 1990s. The software posed challenges because of its low compatibility, complex operations, and particular formatting. Support for the lesser-known software was hardly available, so we purchased the software quickly and the DTP team learned it on demand.


The client was won over by the professional and proactive attitude of Wiitrans, and referred us to other divisions in their company. A truly professional localization company is not just a service provider to the client, but is also the client’s partner and problem-solver through challenges. Wiitrans is ready to go the extra mile to help companies make the transition.