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Your international partnerships may sometimes involve interactions in real-time, in addition to written exchanges. An interpreter can relay messages for you at a major global summit, a one-on-one meeting, a public event, or a private meeting. As opposed to translation where revisions can be made, on-the-spot interpretation does not allow for modifications. An important factor for high-quality interpretation is the interpreter’s hands-on experience in the field and language proficiency.

Our team of interpreters has a wealth of hands-on experience in the field, language abilities, and industry knowledge. This enables us to provide you with professional interpretation services in over 40 languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, and Spanish, in marketing, finance, commerce, education, sports, and public administration. When matching interpreters to your language requirements and requests, we consider language competency, interpreting experience, professional industry knowledge, and interpersonal skills to shortlist suitable linguists.

Our Interpretation Services

Simultaneous Interpreting

The speaker does not have to pause when simultaneous interpreting is conducted, and his or her speech is interpreted into the target language for the audience almost instantaneously with simultaneous interpretation equipment. Due to the high level of stamina and concentration required, to ensure that a meeting proceeds efficiently and smoothly, 2-3 interpreters are stationed inside an interpreters’ booth to take turns performing the simultaneous interpretation. This interpretation format is suited to large-scale seminars, official international meetings, and training sessions.

Interpreters undergo specialized training in order to perform simultaneous interpretation. The work requires comprehensive knowledge, quick reflexes, and the ability to coherently foresee, understand, remember, and convey details in the source language within a short time span. Professional simultaneous interpretation equipment also plays an essential role in an effective interpretation session.

Consecutive Interpreting

During a consecutive interpretation session, the interpreter takes notes while listening to the speaker, and must be able to relay all details mentioned in the source language in a clear and systematic manner in the target language as the speaker pauses or waits for the interpretation. Consecutive interpretation is suited for occasions of a moderate scale conducted in two languages, such as a diplomatic meet-and-greet, business negotiation, small-scale exchange, press conference, and media session. The duration of a meeting is lengthened with consecutive interpretation, in contrast to simultaneous interpretation.

Good concentration, memory, and linguistic expressiveness is required for consecutive interpreting sessions, where the speaker often goes on for five or even ten minutes before interpretation begins. The consecutive interpreter also needs to be well-groomed as he or she conveys information directly to the listener.

Escort Interpreting

Escort interpretation is interpretation that is performed in off-site exchanges or receptions and is suited to events like industry visits, sporting events, guided tours, recreational activities, factory inspections, and exhibitions. Escort interpretation can be considered as a form of consecutive interpretation, as the interpreter translates information in the source language into the target language according to local conventions during informal exchanges.

The escort interpreter must be fluent in the spoken language with accurate pronunciation, and have relatively strong interpersonal skills to adapt to the needs of various situations. Dedication to service and a sense of responsibility are also important attributes for an escort interpreter.

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