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General information

Who does Wiitrans serve?

(1) Anyone with a need for translation, interpretation or other localization services be they individuals, groups or enterprises, etc.

(2) All language talents who have an interest in localization work, as well as experienced translators and teams.

What is the advantage of Wiitrans?

(1) Simple & Fast: Wiitrans developed an advanced, online translation platform, and it takes only three steps for clients to place an order. An instantaneous quote and an estimated time of delivery will be provided as soon as content and language pair is established. Once an order has been placed, we begin coordinating the workflow and translators, and they begin translating within minutes.

(2) Optimal Quality: All translators working for Wiitrans are carefully selected from various industries, and they are verified and evaluated through a special designed qualification schema. Furthermore, our semantic matching algorithm ensures that your files will be handled by the most suitable translators. Our QA efforts are involved in every single step of the project lifecycle.

(3) Affordable Price: Wiitrans provides two different pricing tiers, including online automatic processes and offline enterprise-level customized services, to meet your translation needs. With Translation Memory (TM) leverage in place, you can have significant cost-savings for each project.

(4) Tailored Team: Wiitrans tailor-makes each industry-specific translation team, and places priority on assigning the same translators to the same client, all the while keeping check on their performance records. Wiitrans continually evaluates all translators’ performance and records their KPI data in our system. Data is kept and evaluated on the basis of: translation and review scores categorized by focused industry verticals, percentage of on-time delivery, compliance to guidelines, knowledge of a specific industry, response and availability, and is used when making translator choices. This enables us to ensure that professional translation teams and high-quality services are provided to our clients.

(5) Flexible services: Wiitrans develops online and offline service modes to accommodate various type of clients. We have an online ordering service which is highly suitable for individuals and daily usage content; while we also provide offline, enterprise-level services which has been trusted by many multi-national enterprises and MLVs worldwide.

What language pairs are offered by Wiitrans?

We are currently providing services for over 40 languages, including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, English, German, Italian and Spanish, Arabic, etc. Please see our Order Online page for a list of available languages for online orders. If you have enquiries into other language pairs, please contact us at

What file formats does Wiitrans support for online instant quote?

Wiitrans currently supports instant quotes for the following file types:

Microsoft Office (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx)


CAT (.ttx, .sdlxliff)

For other formats, upload your files as usual and the files will be sent to our production team for quick analysis by clicking the “Request Quotation” button. Our production team will get back to you very soon with the quote and estimated delivery date, and we support almost all file formats.


How is the quality measured and guaranteed?

Wiitrans firmly believes that only the combination of the qualified Translators and proven Workflow can yield the greatest quality translation results. Wiitrans utilizes a strict evaluation exam and system to ‘hand pick’ only the best translators with excellent language skills, strong professional backgrounds and good ethics practices. During our standardized evaluation process, all rights and obligations are clearly defined. Meanwhile, the most important prerequisite is to satisfy client demands and provide the client an experience that is second to none. One of Wiitrans’ many differences is to adapt and customize procedures according to our clients’ needs in order to provide the highest quality translation in the shortest amount of time.

How do you find a translator that fits our translation needs and expectations?

At the very least, your preferred translator should possess excellent language competency but also have a strong professional background. The Wiitrans platform ‘arms’ your organization with the greatest wealth of professional translators from the globe. Additionally, Wiitrans’ pool of translators is classified in accordance with industry and language pair expertise. Wiitrans’ strict grading system in combination with his/her general credibility, responsive time, rate and more is stored within the Wiitrans platform for reference purposes in order to enable you and your team to make the best decision based on requirements and expectations. Wiitrans has a standard and system in place to highlight and classify each translator according to feedback and expertise. This allows Wiitrans to offer our clients specialization in the following fields:

IT & Software

Electronics & Telecommunications

Business Intelligence

Education & E-Learning

Marketing & Advertising

Medical & Biochemistry

Energy & Transportation

Machinery & Manufacturing


Legal & Finance


How does Wiitrans ensure the quality of translation and localization services delivered on its platform?

(1) On Wiitrans platform, there is a strong pool of highly-experienced translators with expertise in various industry fields. Wiitrans’ translators may only begin to take on jobs when they have passed a series of strict tests of their skills. This ensures translation quality as we seek to organically expand the platform.

(2) The platform "pushes" jobs to the most suitable translators based on product tier and industry specified by the client at the time of order, and on criteria like translators' areas of specialization, experience, accuracy rate, reputation and effectiveness, etc.

(3) Wiitrans also provides translators an online translation environment with integrated terminology recommendations, spellcheck, and corpus management functions to ensure target text quality through technical means.

(4) For jobs that require deep professional expertise and for which high text quality is essential, the translation will be reviewed by an experienced editor or subject-matter expert (SME) prior to delivery.

What if the client is not satisfied with the quality of translation?

After your order has been delivered, within 10 days of receipt, you can contact the translator via the chat function on the Wiitrans platform if it does not meet your satisfaction. The translator is required to commit to two rounds of changes free-of-charge.

If the translator fails to make the requested amendments to the translation in a timely manner, the client may lodge a complaint with Wiitrans by email Once a complaint has been received, Wiitrans will launch an investigation.

When necessary, we will assign a professional team to handle the case and to return a high-quality amended translation to the client as soon as possible.

Finances – Clients

What is pricing like at Wiitrans? Would it fit our budget?

Wiitrans offers two pricing/quality tiers for you to choose from. You can select a suitable tier depending on your budget and intended use. Wiitrans works to shorten the translation services supply chain. Wiitrans promises that you will save 30% on a translation compared to another one of a similar quality from other service providers. For more details on service pricing, please refer to the "Order Online" page.

How does Wiitrans calculate the word-count in source documents?

For online translation projects, the word count is determined by the total number of words/characters found in the source text. The specific rules for calculation are as follows:

(1) For source texts in Simplified or Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean, the job word count will be based on the total number of characters found in the text;

(2) For source documents such as English, German, French, Spanish and Russian, the job word-count will be based on the total number of words found in the text;

(3) Spaces, punctuation marks, and numerals found in the source text will not be included in the project’s word count.

For offline enterprise level services, our engineers in our production team will analyze the source file through CAT tools with TM-leverage discounts.

When do clients make payment for their orders?

On this platform, clients can order translation services through a self-service interface. What this means that the translation service purchasing process has been vastly simplified. To ensure payment security for clients on our platform, Wiitrans has chosen to use the pre-payment approach and to provide a payment-guaranteed service.

For offline enterprise level services, we offer project payment on monthly basis or any other methods to adapt your internal financial process.

How do I get an invoice?

As soon as the order is confirmed, an invoice is made available to you on client dashboard. Click“Get Invoice” in “My Invoice” page, then you can download it whenever you like.

What kind of payment methods does Wiitrans support?

As a client, you can pay for the order using PayPal online and the job will proceed immediately. The bank transfer is also acceptable but the job will proceed only when payment received.

For offline enterprise level clients, Wiitrans offers customized payment method and payment terms. Please feel free to contact us at for details.

Finances – Translators

When do translators get paid for their work?

Once the submitted translation has been confirmed by the client, the payment for the completed job will be reflected in "My Wallet" section of the translator's account.

How to withdraw earnings from Wiitrans?

The payments that a translator earns are reflected in the “My Wallet" section. All the jobs that completed and confirmed within the same month will be paid to the translator by the end of next month.

Process/Workflow – Clients

How do I place an order and receive translations on Wiitrans?

At Wiitrans, you can complete the transaction with a mere 3 steps, after which Wiitrans will sort out everything for you:

Once the file is uploaded onto the platform, Wiitrans will automatically provide you with an online order quotation and estimated time of delivery based on the document word count and selected language pair. The two-tier quotations provide you flexibility to meet your needs for every occasion. Choose the quote you preferred and make the payment online, then Wiitrans will automatically match your order with the most suitable translators available. After that, just sit back, relax, and wait for the translation delivery.

Wiitrans provides customized solutions for offline enterprise-level clients as well. Contact us at if you have any translation needs.

How is the order delivery time determined?

The delivery time of online orders is determined depending on word count, difficulty of content, and translation workflow. Furthermore, as our translators come from all over the world, the job delivery time will also be affected by time differences. In order to get your files translated in time, you can select “Rush” option on the order page. Alternatively contact us at for possibilities.

How do I check the progress of my translation?

For online orders, the progress indicator is available for every order you placed and you can easily see it on your dashboard after log in.

What if I have a job that needs to be completed urgently?

You can choose the "Rush" option when placing your order. For "Rush" jobs, the client is required to pay a 30% surcharge to shorten the time 30%. For special turnaround requirements, please contact us at

Does Wiitrans provide customized localization services?


If you need rush projects, complex file formats, high volume projects or rare language translation services, please contact us at, and our production team will contact you within 12 hours.

Additionally, we provide professional interpretation, desktop publishing, and multimedia localization services; please feel free to contact us at for details.

Process/Workflow - Translators

What requirements does Wiitrans offer translators?

Wiitrans, an open translation service platform for professionals, welcomes all linguists to register with the platform. All language linguists who have an interest in, a willingness to, and a passion to engage in translation work are welcome to register with Wiitrans and perform their translation skills. After successfully registering with Wiitrans, the translator may select the corresponding skills test based on the level of his/her experience and skills. Translators who have passed the skills test may then take on translation jobs and receive payment for successfully completed jobs.

How do I sign up with Wiitrans as a translator?

To become a Wiitrans translator, you must be:

1. An outstanding translator: have excellent language skills and be equipped with strong industry knowledge.

2. Highly responsible: Translators must be able to cooperate fully and provide the necessary assistance in the event of client queries.

Most importantly, translators wishing to work with Wiitrans must firstly pass our skill test.

When can I be qualified to take up assignments?

After you have passed Wiitrans’ language skills test, you will be able to start accepting translation or editing jobs corresponding to your assigned translator level. Qualified Wiitrans translators may choose from the jobs available; the higher the translator's skill level, the more jobs will be available to him/her.

How do I perform translation on Wiitrans?

Qualified Wiitrans translators can choose one of two options: online translation or offline translation:

Online translation: Wiitrans will provide you with relevant Translation Memory (TM) as well as glossary that may be useful to you. Documents are pre-processed so that the appropriate term translation can be suggested to the translator in the course of translation. Wiitrans’ convenient online translation tool (WiiCAT) can help translators achieve more accurate and consistent target language text. The Language Quality Report (LQR) is also available online after the editing phase for translators to learn and improve as always.

Offline translation: For translators who prefer to use client-side CAT tools, they can choose to download the source files from the Wiitrans platform for offline translation. This function ensures that translators can work efficiently without having to change their existing habits.


How does Wiitrans ensure the confidentiality of client documents uploaded?

Translators and interpreters registered with Wiitrans as well as Wiitrans employees are bound by confidentiality clauses contained in agreements signed with Wiitrans. They are thus required to keep content confidential, as well as translated text, of documents submitted by clients online. You may look up the specific clauses on confidentiality, as well as the specific measures that we take, on the pages entitled, "Service Agreement" and "Privacy Policy".

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