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Today’s consumer gets to know a company or brand through video, audio, and rich media content, amid the rapid development of new media. A brand’s market share can be improved with the use of effective multimedia marketing content, which increases the amount of interaction between the brand and global consumers. To truly engage consumers, companies should ensure that they use the language of the target market in addition to local conventions in brand promotional videos, technical product instructional videos, educational audio clips, etc.

Multimedia localization is a diverse field requiring that resources and timelines be coordinated by specialists due to the complex processes, workflows, professional knowhow, and advanced software and hardware equipment involved, so it is essential that you work with a professional multimedia localization service provider. Our services address the following media types and more:

  • Marketing videos
  • Product operating manuals / demos
  • E-learning courses
  • Films / TV shows
  • Games
  • Animations
  • Community video productions
  • Audio eBooks
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Our Services

Wiitrans is well-equipped to provide you with various localization services, such as transcription localization, voiceover and dubbing, and subtitling. We have a multimedia team comprising native language voice actors, editors, engineers, translators, and project managers for multimedia projects, as well as professional recording studios and equipment.

Transcription Localization

Work on the localization of any video or audio content begins with translation of the text. It is often the case; however, that no text was prepared, or that it has been supplied in an unsuitable format.

The work then requires another stage: transcription, which is the conversion of audio into typed and editable text, with the layout and formatting desired by the clients.

Transcription employs our professional transcribers who watch and listen to the recording closely to transcribe the spoken word. Alternatively, for better audio quality videos or clips, we use our in-house developed subtitling tool to automatically generate script along with time stamps. The script is then reviewed to make sure nothing is omitted. Then, the script is translated into the target languages by human translation or neural machine translation with human post-editing, depending on the content type and quality expectation. If the script is for subtitling use, role information and accurate time stamps are added.

Voiceover & Dubbing

Voiceovers are the best way to convey information from a video clip to your target audience, highlighting the required elements and making the material more memorable.

Wiitrans partners with professional voice actors to ensure that the final product is the best voice fit and highest quality, timed and formatted for lip synchronization, documentary style, or voiceover narration. We use state-of-the-art studios and equipment for recording and post-production suited for audio and video editing. Wiitrans offers all possible techniques: untimed recording, timed off-screen voiceover, lip sync dubbing and documentary style voiceover to help connect your business to your target audiences in a real conversation.

  • Insert Time Stamps and Add Word Limit

Time stamps serve the purpose of defining the duration of each audio segment. Word limit information helps make recorded audio files fit into the allotted timeframe.

  • Voiceover

Voiceover is commonly used for documentaries, demos, interviews, and eLearning videos by superimposing the localized language speech onto the original audio. With this technique, the target-language track is either strategically timed in accordance with specific slides, or laid over the original sound track, giving the impression of simultaneous interpretation.

  • Dubbing and Audio-Video Syncing

Dubbing is commonly used in film making and TV show recording. To deliver perfect timing and the highest quality dubbing production, our technical supervisors work closely with leading sound studios and best matched voice actors throughout the dubbing process, in order to re-record a natural and seamless soundtrack that match the timeframes, lip movements and scene changes of the video. We are also able to synchronize the audio and video and generate the final video that conforms to client’s request and parameters for resolution and format.

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin-TaiWan
  • Mandarin-Mainland
  • Thai


Subtitling is an effective, powerful, and simple way to portray your audio and visual message. It contains transcription, translation, time stamps and burn in services all together.

Wiitrans is a leading localization provider capable of subtitling videos, animations, commercials, digital marketing, and TV programs into 40+ languages. Our subtitle translators are experts in their language field with the ability to retain the substance, style, and humor of the original version and convey it in another language.

  • Subtitle Adaption

Subtitle adaptation is the art of adapting the number of words per minute, lines per subtitle, and characters per line, taking into account reading speed, timing, and positioning. We build timestamps by going through the footage frame-by-frame using professional subtitling software. This ensures that the video can be watched and the text can be read comfortably and easily at the same time.

  • Subtitle Formats

Video can be encoded with the new subtitles in various formats. We always provide various examples of subtitle output for your selection.

Features of Our Services

Native voice actors for mainstream languages

One-stop subtitle translation and localization solution

Support for mainstream media formats

Professional multimedia studios and advanced recording equipment

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