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Wiitrans is founded and operated by a team of translation veterans who have over 20 years of experience and have seen the evolution in the translation and localization industry. Finding and organizing qualified translators to deliver high quality translations is the main value of language service providers (LSPs).

Though Wiitrans is a newer name in the industry, our team’s experience and methods speak for themselves, and we have gained popularity quickly, serving many leading LSPs in the industry. We have become known as the “supplier's supplier”. You will find Wiitrans easy to work with and delivering beyond your expectations, because we were in your exact position before we created Wiitrans.


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has changed the game. Because of globalization, now more than ever, information is being created and translated. The multimedia content has become popular for its user friendliness; Software as a Service (SaaS) is replacing local software and PC applications are moving to mobile apps due to cost, convenience and efficiency; social media and mobile communications are reshaping marketing approaches. The combination of all the above evolutions and changes produces new challenges to the translation and localization industry. One of the challenges is to translate fragmented information in many different formats (i.e. multimedia, PDFs, infographics, e-commerce websites, marketing slogans for social-media) in a way that is reusable with a Content Management System (CMS), in order to update and publish them into multiple languages for global markets in a short time and consistently.


Wiitrans integrates people, proven translation processes and Quality Assurance (QA) mechanisms with new technology to automate translation processes and create QA reports seamlessly connecting the client’s CMS to our online CAT. This process enables us to build a lean operation for low overhead and to simplified workflow; therefore, we save turnaround time and cost for clients.


Wiitrans only works with verified subject matter translators. Each and every one of Wiitrans’ translators is handpicked, verified, and receives on-going evaluation with QA reports automatically generated on each project, recording translation quality scores for all translators. Translator KPI data is used to select the most suitable translators and reviewers for each project. We firmly believe that qualified translators, proven translation processes, QA mechanisms, and new technology produce the best quality.


The goal of Wiitrans is to address translation and localization challenges and to make translation simpler and more efficient, redefining how our clients handle translation. Our success is based on the success of our clients, by providing them with easy-access to qualified resources, dedicated PMs, and tailored translator teams to solve their issues and fit their values.

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