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To ensure that product information is made available to users at all corners of the globe, companies in the fast-growing industry of IT need quality translation and localization services. Wiitrans has an excellent track record in translation and localization for the IT and Software industries. We help global technology companies become truly global brands with our quality linguists, well-developed project workflows, and flexible technology.

Wiitrans Solutions

Website Localization

Localizing a website involves multiple stages, including content localization, online testing, and updates. The website localization team at Wiitrans tailors solutions for clients helps them consider the target segments and how users take in content. Recommendations on spacing, special symbols, text display, page layouts, etc., are provided to the client’s developer team. Native language subject matter translators are also handpicked from among our 5,000+ professional linguists, ensuring that your website is aligned with the conventions and aesthetics of your target audience.

Software Localization

The user interfaces of business management systems or e-learning systems are translated during software localization, such that online help and user guides are aligned with how the target segment takes in and consumes content. Our professional linguists ensure that the translated content retains the cosmetic effect without affecting software functionality, through their wealth of experience in software localization.

Technical Documents

During the translation process, ensuring accuracy and consistency in technical documents is a key factor that poses certain challenges, making it one of the priorities of linguists. Our translations read like they were written in the target language by local experts, as all of our linguists have industry-focused translation experience and are local native. Project managers perform an additional stage of terminology extraction for selected projects, to ensure that the quality of the terminology list is maintained and terminology accuracy is achieved together with translation consistency, with the utilization of translation memories.

Services We Provide

Content Translation

  • User Interface
  • Online Help
  • Software Technical Manuals
  • Resource Files
  • Users Guides
  • Websites


  • Linguistic Test
  • Cosmetic & Functional Test

Featured Case Study


The client is a renowned mobile phone supplier that has established R&D centers and physical locations in several countries all over the world. With its move into the Southeast Asian and Northern European markets, the firm had various materials for translation into more than 50 languages. These comprised technical handbooks, store layouts, operational and training guidance, product specifications, user manuals, and IT documentation.


Requirements for the wide-ranging product lines varied, and documents that were formatted in different ways had to undergo substantial processing. Among the numerous urgent requests, we once turned around translations of a 15,000-word English text in over 40 languages, within 24 hours.


A customized workflow with a dedicated linguist team

Wiitrans was able to provide a solution for the multilingual needs of the client, which included less common languages, by securing Khmer, Sanskrit, and Tibetan linguists through its well-established network in the industry. To manage the overall coordination of the project, we assigned an account manager (AM), project manager (PM), and assistant project manager to the client.

Besides compiling a translation memory and term base for each product line, we used semantic matching technology to help us in narrowing down the most suitable linguists, and subsequently finalized the team after the initial phase. This enabled us to meet the varying needs of the client’s various products lines.

Re-engineering of haphazard document formatting

Our team of engineers processed document with a myriad of formatting that even included PowerPoint files embedded with Word, Excel, and PDF objects. In addition to ensuring that all content would be extracted for analysis and translation, this also raised document processing efficiency.

Workflow and tools for handling urgent requests efficiently

Wiitrans put in place a workflow for urgent requests from the client comprising a 24/7 online platform for timely submissions of translations. Our proprietary assistive translation tool WiiTM ensured the security of the client’s data, while maintaining style and terminology consistency throughout documents and the project, in addition to raising efficiency.


Wiitrans became one of the client’s long-term language service providers for its global expansion as a result of our constant communication efforts, as well as our professional resource and project management, workflow planning, collaboration, and engineering expertise for projects.