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The precise translation of document content is crucial for banks and financial institutions, as documents issued must comply with local laws and legislation. At Wiitrans, your financial documents are handled by our professional linguists and subject-matter experts who ensure that your multilingual content is reliable, accurate, compliant, and suited to the local culture through language competency and specialized financial knowledge.

Wiitrans Solutions

Corporate Finance

Multilingual documentation is necessary for effective communication, when a company manages and operates its business across borders, such as a commercial partnership with international partners, or the announcement of financial results to overseas stockholders. With years of experience in financial translations, the finance team at Wiitrans is capable of providing high-quality language localization services by translating content while considering market situations, the needs of the client, and the respective local legislation.


A key task for an insurance company’s international expansion is preparing professional, compliant, multilingual documentation. The insurance company can engage global audiences for greater opportunities and profit when its documents have a high level of clarity and accuracy. Wiitrans provides the insurance industry with comprehensive solutions for localizing claims, property insurance documentation, and insurance forms.


We are fully aware of the language service needs of banks as a preferred language service provider for many international banks. Having a wealth of experience in banking translations, we ensure that clients are reassured and satisfied by providing quick turnaround language service solutions with high cost performance, for detailed, accurate, and consistent multilingual banking documents.


The financial industry today has been reshaped by new payment methods like PayPal and Alipay, as well as trades in new forms of currency, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. Numerous financial services institutions have embarked on a global expansion drive to achieve business growth, which has also stimulated the industry’s demand for language services. Wiitrans maintains a high level of confidentiality in our translations and localizations of relevant documentation, and looks forward to working closely with FinTech companies.

Services We Provide

Content Translation

  • Annual Reports
  • Merger Contracts
  • Audit Documentation
  • Insurance Documents
  • Tax-related Documents
  • Investment Policies

Desktop Publishing

  • Document Format
  • Document Layout
  • Graphic

Featured Case Study


The client is a major commercial bank in Europe that provides online financial and trading services for organizations and consumers in more than 120 countries. Within a limited period of time, the client had to get its internal communications, website content, marketing material, and various kinds of documentation translated into more than 10 languages, including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese for Hong Kong, Traditional Chinese for Taiwan, Russian, Spanish, Italian, and French.


Every Monday morning at 8:00AM Beijing Time, the client releases a weekly foreign exchange market analysis report for investors in China. The original report is only ready on Friday night, and usually includes unique formatting. As such, translation of the document, engineering of the file, and DTP work has to be completed within 48 hours each week.


VIP service with flexible delivery times

We provide a VIP service for the client to best meet the client’s time frame. Overseen by the project manager, the translation team works 24/7, even on weekends and holidays, to deliver the project on time.

Dedicated linguists for the project

Translators and reviewers specializing in the foreign exchange field have been handpicked from among our global resource base, to ensure that the report translations are accurate and consistent. In addition, qualified engineers and DTP experts have also been assigned to the project. The team has now been finalized through the coordination of the project manager.

Optimized translation workflow to raise efficiency

New content and terminology from the client is updated in the client’s exclusive Translation Memory (TM) and terminology list on a continual basis to reduce the amount of time that needs to be spent on subsequent translations, and maintain a level of consistency.


We have now provided language services for the client’s foreign exchange analysis reports every weekend over the course of 16 months, and have met the client’s timeline requirements extensively. Additionally, the VIP service and other features of the solution have also contributed to the client’s satisfaction with Wiitrans.