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The app localization stage is essential for companies launching their apps in global markets. Content localization is a worthwhile and necessary investment, as findings have shown that apps that localize their content for target markets enjoy twice as many downloads locally, and it results the significant improvements in revenue. However, companies will need the help of a professional language service provider; the process of ensuring that the app content is suited to users, relevant in target markets and regions, and functions smoothly is not entirely straightforward.

Wiitrans Solutions

Resource Files

Resource files include the UI, conventions, images, and videos, which usually come in specialized formats interspersed with code. For instance, for a PHP, HTML, XML, JS, or any other structured document, the language service provider will first lock tags and wildcards. Together with the reference material, the content for localization is then assigned to the respective professional linguists.


A developer has to consider word and sentence lengths, spacing, text orientation, and other factors, when planning to localize an app in other languages. One has to design the app too allow for sufficient space around the text for various languages to expand. For example, in general English sentence takes up 50% more space than Chinese. If you are planning to localize the app into Arabic, consider whether the design of the app allows for text that flows from the right to the left. Our customer service team will discuss such issues with developers in advance, and provide recommendations and suggestions. Our linguists will also ensure that the localized app achieves both cosmetic and functional objectives, by rigorously following the requirements when translating the content.

Language Testing

The team at Wiitrans can provide you with language testing services to ensure that your app provides an enjoyable user experience. We will consider the functionality of the app, target market, and user habits; testers will check for dates, currencies, text sequences, and other conversion issues, as well as identify missing translations, mistranslations, inconsistent terminology or frequently used terms, incorrect UI displays, glitches, and other issues, based on the test cases provided by the client.

App Store Optimization

It is essential that you localize the software and product details in the App Store thoroughly, to ensure that new users in the target market can find the app easily among the numerous competing products. Having worked with many app development companies, our professional linguists are familiar with the mechanics of App Store Optimization, and pay particular attention when performing translations of app descriptions, keywords, and screenshot previews.

Services We Provide

Content Translation

  • User Interface
  • App Descriptions
  • App Screenshots
  • Promotional Images/Videos
  • User Reviews
  • Marketing Materials
  • User Agreement


  • Linguistic Test
  • Cosmetic & Functional Test

Featured Case Study


The client provides software development services. Tasked with developing an app in 9 Southeast Asian languages for a BTM blockchain self-service terminal, the client’s team had been given a tight deadline in the middle of a holiday season for the launch of the app. Having no experience in developing a multilingual app for overseas markets, the developer needed a tailored app localization solution, which Wiitrans provided by coordinating resources immediately.


As the very concept of the blockchain had only taken off in recent years, our linguists had to draw upon their technical knowledge in related domains. This challenge was compounded by the fact that the client had never localized an app, so documents had been formatted haphazardly and the instructions that had been given to us lacked clarity. Adaptability issues arose as the development stage had not factored in the localization stage. As a result, the Southeast Asian translations overflowed from the text boxes in the source Chinese documents.


International specialist, native language linguists for precise translations

Quickly, Wiitrans tailored a team from native language linguists in the relevant target languages, who had worked in the financial or technological fields and were better equipped to comprehend blockchain-related concepts.

Re-engineering of complicated document formatting

The team of engineers at Wiitrans aligned the documents the client had exported for a smooth localization process, as text and wildcards were jumbled up.

Continuing communication and consultation as required

Our experienced project managers maintained a constant flow of communication with the client. With the guidance provided, the client knew what documents to provide, made the necessary decisions in-house, and exported and imported the necessary documents from their system, in spite of being new to the app localization process.


Wiitrans tailored the workflow in terms of linguist competencies, technology, communication items, and project management in the limited amount of time available. Despite having no experience in the localization of an app, the client was able to bring the app to market on time, ahead of the competing products.