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Agile Translation

Currently, Wiitrans only offers Agile Translation services to our long term, regular clients, based on ongoing communication and after full assessment of each specific client’s project needs.

What is Agile Translation

Agile Translation is an easy and fast way to procure translation service on rush projects. You place your order online, and Wiitrans takes care of the details for you. Just like Uber brings convenience to your transportation needs, Agile Translation brings convenience to your rush and multilingual translation needs.

Agile Translation automates project workflows and management by linking a client’s Content Management System (CMS) to the Wiitrans System. Increased efficiency, cost savings, and quick turnaround are achieved, as manually sending files and coordination of projects are no longer necessary.

This Wiitrans system is our in-house developed, cloud-based Localization Project Management system which includes WiiCAT, WiiTM, and WiiConnector.

Key Features of Agile Translation

Instantaneous Quote

After uploading the source files, Wiitrans will automatically provide you a two-tier pricing/ quality quote, as well as the estimated date of delivery based on the project word count and the selected language pair.

Finding the Optimized Translator

Translators on Wiitrans are classified in accordance with their industry and language pair of expertise. With our most advanced semantic matching algorithm, your order will be assigned to the most suitable translators based on the actual file content. The project kicks off in as little as 10 minutes!

Real-time Order Status

The dashboard page keeps you up-to-date with real-time order status and statistics data for all of your on-going orders.

Editor Review

In the second phase of translation (editing), editors review, score, and correct the first phase of translation online to ensure the highest quality is delivered to our clients.

Quality Report

Upon the completion of the second phase, WiiCAT will automatically generate a quality report and make it available to the translator who was responsible for the translation phase. This not only helps the translator improve, but also provides the opportunity to discuss any translation discrepancies with the editor.

Translator Evaluation

Every single translator on Wiitrans is strictly verified, taking it one step further with client reviews. Multiple-party feedback provides the most objective, relevant evaluation, to provide our clients with the utmost confidence.

Order Management

No matter if you are a client or a translator, all historical data is safely stored on the Wiitrans cloud and made available only to you.

Automatic Content Fetching & Transferring

WiiConnector is built between the client CMS/TMS and our TMS. The files to be translated in the client’s CMS/TMS will be pushed to TMS for translation and then sent to the CMS after translation. Document clean-up and conversion is based on predefined rules.

Automatic File Parsing & Converting

WiiConnector is able to automatically parse and convert source files into CAT compatible formats.

Automatic Word Count, Analyzing & Quoting

WiiConnector enables us to provide you with an immediate quotation based on predefined rates; this also allows us to bridge the gap between international office hours. A customized linguist team will commence work on your translation request after your approval of the quotation. WiiConnector enables us to provide quick turnaround time localization services.

Automatic Linguist Matching & Assignment

WiiConnector conducts automatic resource allocation based on linguists' personal attributes and KPI records, such as native language, academic background, translation experience in a specific industry, translation volume and quality score, geographic location, time difference, in addition to current availability, and other criteria. This ensures the best possible linguist is matched to your specific needs for a new client or product line. For clients with whom we have established, long-standing partnerships, a customized team of linguists will be automatically assigned.

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