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Well-translated content can help expand a brand’s reach of influence, boost product sales, and improve customer loyalty for retailers and cross-border e-commerce merchants. Wiitrans has a proven track record of providing language services, and our quality and consistent language deliveries will satisfy your globalization and localization needs for content, including product listings, descriptions, brand advertisements and activities, and news and push notifications.

Wiitrans Solutions


To attract consumers in the target market, a retailer needs to localize content for its official website, stores, products, etc. before it opens stores overseas. Wiitrans provides you with a full set of localization services, including translation, desktop publishing, and multimedia production for high-quality localized content that is well-suited to local cultures.


We can provide various clients in the e-commerce industry with various solutions depending on your platform and content management system.

Wiitrans takes into consideration the features of your target market and target segment for your product manuals, global marketing materials, and social media marketing content when matching local native translators with the cultural background for the respective markets, to improve website traffic and conversion rates through quality translations aligned with the features of the brand.

Additionally, linguists can perform Neural Machine Translation + Post Editing by logging into the client’s content management system. When translating product listings, descriptions, and customer reviews, we connect the e-commerce merchant’s specific neural network neural machine translation to the translation system. Our team that proofreads and revises translations is experienced in e-commerce projects. This enables us to shorten the turnaround time by 50%, and cut costs by up to 40%. To ensure quality and consistent translations, we provide linguists with highly used e-commerce vocabulary and terminology for their reference.

E-commerce merchants can enable the language service provider to promptly begin quick turnaround translation projects when a new product is reaching the market or content is updated, by linking their e-commerce platform to translation services, which saves considerable time. Such integrated platforms are highly complex and would not be possible with a manual workflow. Wiitrans automates file transfers and deliveries, and therefore project management, with our proprietary workflow automation solution, WiiConnector, which enables more efficient workflows, quicker turnaround time and increased cost savings.

Content types of localization services

Content Translation

  • Advertising
  • Branding Materials
  • Product & Packaging
  • Website
  • Product Listings
  • Product Descriptions
  • User Reviews

Desktop Publishing

  • Document Format
  • Document Layout
  • Graphic

Multimedia Localization

  • Voice Over
  • Subtitling
  • Video Editing
  • Dubbing

Featured Case Study


The client is a well-known e-commerce platform in Asia with a focus on the international retail business centered on apparel, daily necessities, 3C and other digital categories. It currently has a wide sales network in more than 200 countries and regions.


Product information for SKUs on the platform had to be translated into the languages of various countries in accordance with SEO legislations in the respective countries. This would also ensure that consumers would be able to find the exact product they wanted through the platform easily. As product iterations evolved quickly, the client opted for neural machine translations of the content. However, the quality of the translations made the online shopping experience confusing for consumers, and did not result in favorable sales figures. To improve the quality of the translations, the client needed a thorough manual review.


We were tasked with 500–800 SKUs for 6 English into European language pairs each week during the initial phase, which added up to approximately 600,000 words for NMT+PE.

Well-developed service model for e-commerce content

Submitting large quantities of small translation tasks was made possible with our adaptable and efficient translation service model. The project team included linguists with a wealth of experience in translating content like product titles and descriptions for international e-commerce. Team members also comprised the main project manager, 6 project managers for each of the languages, 6 quality assurance (QA) personnel for each of the languages, and a group of linguists experienced in the post-editing of machine translated e-commerce content.

Intensive training and thorough guidelines

Since the client required members of our team to log in to their e-commerce system to edit the translations, the project manager conducted training for each of the project members, and compiled SEO rules and training material.

Seamless connections for speedy submissions

As our linguists in the Americas, Europe, and Asia started their editing work in their respective time zones, the project manager managed the progress of the project in real time and proactively communicated with the linguists. Internal quality assurance personnel conducted QA checks to identify issues, and provide feedback and modifications to continually improve collaboration among the project team.


As we moved past the initial phase of the project, the 600–700 edited SKUs for each language pair each week quickly grew to 1,500–2,000 SKUs. The approximate 1,200,000-word project was highly evaluated by the client for meeting their needs in terms of processing capacity, submission time, and translation quality.