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Hotels and tour operators need to localize their products and services in the languages of the respective countries, to reach out to global users and attract potential consumers. Wiitrans is the trusted language partner of top brands in the global hotel and tourism industry, making us well-versed in the pain points and needs of this industry. We tailor language solutions for projects based on the needs of our clients to provide quick turnaround, quality translation and localization services.

Wiitrans Solutions


Customer satisfaction and trust can be improved to boost conversion rates by providing content that uses the language of guests from various countries and regions. Our native language linguists in the target market who have a wealth of translation experience in hotel projects enable Wiitrans to deliver engaging translations that are suited to the local culture.

Online Travel Agency (OTA)

Localizing websites, apps, and online booking systems into the target languages of consumers is extremely important for an online travel agency. To ensure that customers can understand content easily, tourism and accommodation providers should also fully localize their online information and marketing content.

We tailor solutions to content. Translation, review, and editing workflows for websites, apps, and online booking systems are handled in person to ensure that you receive an outstanding translation. Neural Machine Translation + Post Editing workflow has been launched for content such as user reviews and hotel locations. Our 5,000+ native language linguists all over the world enable us to provide 24/7 services of up to 100,000 words each day, so we can process large amounts of content within a short timeframe.

Civil Aviation

Airlines need to ensure that travelers can fully understand services and enjoy in-flight entertainment during a flight to improve the service experience. Our comprehensive translation and localization solutions enable airlines to effectively interact with travelers through quality language services for content such as entertainment, publications, user manuals, and aircraft safety information.

Cruise Lines

For international guests on the cruise ship to enjoy high-quality cruise amenities, content such as onboard entertainment facilities, ship information, passenger notices, employee training manuals, and marketing materials should be fully localized, which also enhances the brand image of the cruise line. Wiitrans delivers translations that meet client expectations by handpicking translators for the industry who are well-versed in tourism and ship-related terminology.

Services We Provide

Content Translation

  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Online Booking Systems
  • Marketing Materials
  • Brochures
  • Tour Guides
  • Travelers Reviews
  • Contracts & Agreements
  • Addresses

Desktop Publishing

  • Document Format
  • Document Layout
  • Graphic

Featured Case Study


The client is an internationally renowned hotel group with nearly 20 brands in its portfolio. With branch offices in regions such as Asia, Europe, and Africa, the group is widely recognized by the industry and consumers, and has over 120 million members.

At the time, the client had a language service provider that varied in its capacity, so the translation volume dipped during industry peak periods (holidays and weekends), and urgent translations for large projects were not returned in time. Furthermore, the limited scope of the client’s localization department meant that translation styles were left undefined, yet the previous service provider had not compiled a Style Guide (SG) for the client.


Wiitrans had to meet the schedule for the launch of the client’s multilingual version of the group app. This summed up to an 800,000-word project to translate hotel names, addresses, descriptions, evaluations, and other information into English in 30 days.


Detailed industry research to pinpoint the brand style

Wiitrans conducted research on the brand positioning of the hotel, as well as the target audience and other brands in the industry. This enabled us to create a Style Guide (SG) for the client that was aligned with standards in the hotel industry while retaining the features of the brand.

Global collaboration for the launch

We teamed up professional linguists in different time zones all over the world to ensure the smooth progress of the project 24/7 to deliver 200,000 words per week.

Ensuring consistent translations with tools

The large volume of internal fuzzy matches could only be standardized with the use of a Translation Memory (TM). Linguists were able to verify the translations they had completed in real time through our proprietary assistive translation tool WiiTM, and make the necessary modifications to align expressions and terminology.


By coordinating collaboration among our various departments, we provided the client with a complete solution for their first project with us, and delivered high-quality translations in a timely manner to suit the client’s urgent requirements. The client’s app was launched on schedule.