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  • Client H***n 04:08 Signed up successfully  06/19/2024
  • Translator 祝***魔 02:40 Join Animation Industry skill test  06/19/2024
  • Linguist 祝***魔 01:57 Signed up successfully  06/19/2024
  • Translator A***E 01:57 Join e-Learning/Electronics/Gaming/Finance Industry skill test  06/19/2024
  • Linguist 璐***西 01:32 Signed up successfully  06/19/2024
  • Linguist T***y 01:29 Signed up successfully  06/19/2024
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Why Wiitrans

Suitable Translators

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Fast and efficient

Wiitrans has launched an online platform for our clients to place orders for urgent projects in three easy steps. Once an order has been placed, we begin coordinating the workflow and linguists, and they begin translating within minutes. Our wealth of linguist resources in 40+ languages means that we can meet the needs of your various projects. Wiitrans also has offline customized and fixed service teams in place for our regular clients with long-term and high-frequency projects.

High quality

Our professional, native language linguists embody the notion of “Suitable Translators + Suitable Workflow = Satisfied Quality.” Each linguist has a wealth of project experience, and is handpicked for his or her in-depth understanding of the respective language, culture, and subject matter, and forms an integral part of our rigorous project workflow and quality assurance system. Our long-standing partnerships with numerous global Top 100 LSPs and Fortune 500 companies are testament to that fact.

Customer-centric services

Our commitment to services and quality translations have been evaluated highly by our clients over the years. In our role as a localization service provider, we put ourselves in the shoes of our clients when tailoring strategic language service solutions. As a result, each project retains the unique features of each client while meeting stringent industry standards.

Languages and Pricing


$0.06 /word

For formal content

Processed by native-speaking translators and reviewed by verified editors. The translated text is error-free, true to the original content, and fine-tuned with relevant industry knowledge.

*Price via online order


$0.08 /word

For professional or academic document meant for external or end-user use

Handled by extremely experienced native-speaking translators, and reviewed by QA editors with help of subject matter experts. The results are high quality, professional translated files.

*Price via online order

Additional Services

Contact us for a quote

We offer one-stop localization services for clients, please feel free to contact us for a quote:

Neural Machine Translation and Post Editing

Desktop Publishing



Subtitling (Transcription, Time Code)

LQA Testing (Software, Games)

1. Turnaround time of online orders is determined by word count, difficulty, and translation workflow. Additionally, since our translators come from all over the world, the turnaround time is also affected by time differences. In order to get your files translated in time, please submit your files for translation as soon as possible.

2. Wiitrans provides localization services in 130+ languages and 200+ language pairs. For enquiries in other language pairs, high volume or complex projects, please Contact Us.

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