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What to Look at Before Selecting an Asian Language Services Provider for Your Multinational Brand

Asia has an enormous population and a healthy consumer appetite. According to the Boao Forum for Asia Progress of Asian Economic Integration Annual Report 2019, the Asian economy maintained a high growth rate of 6.5% in 2018, one of the highest in the world. Accordingly, an increasing number of brands are recognizing the importance of the Asian market. We have some tips for brands looking to select an Asian language services provider (LSP) to support their expansion into Asia.   One-Stop Localization Services Entering the Asian market as a foreign brand based in another hemisphere is no easy task. Brands have to invest effort into developing their products, services, sales, and more. For example, you might have to communicate with your colleagues in Asia and distributors by email frequently, and provide them with detailed product and training manuals that are easy to understand; the website, app, and multimedia content of the brand might require localization; or you may have to post regular updates on local social media platforms and respond to customer feedback timely. The list goes on. Given the vast differences between languages, you will need the help of an LSP to boost efficiency, simplify the coordination work, and ensure that translations are consistent across your product lines. Wiitrans is one such LSP based in Asia. We have a wealth of experience, as well as a strong team comprising experienced linguists, in addition to dedicated project managers, desktop publishing (DTP) personnel, multilingual voice artists, and engineers to provide professional one-stop localization services for your document translations and app, website, and multimedia localization projects. image001   Capabilities for Multilingual Translation Wiitrans has a pool of qualified native linguists in over 50 countries around the world, who work in more than 40 common Asian and European languages. The dedicated project manager assigned to your project will understand the requirements, form a specialized team of linguists and plan the production timeline, as well as prepare the necessary tools and terminology lists. Throughout the project, he or she will provide you with regular updates summarizing the progress and promptly address potential issues, to simplify the coordination for you. image002   Tailored Translator Team Linguists are at the heart of quality translations. By focusing on a few select domains, Wiitrans can build tailored linguist teams and a dedicated project team to provide customized solutions. Projects are only assigned to the best-matched translators who have the industry knowledge background and possess rich hands-on experience for similar product lines. An experienced, industry-specific linguist is one of the key factors in ensuring satisfactory quality. image003   Well-Customized Workflows Suitable Translators + Suitable Workflow = Satisfactory Quality is the equation for quality that Wiitrans has always firmly believed in. Wiitrans can provide services for all or one of the workflows, which include translation, editing, proofreading, polishing, QA, and MTPE, depending on the various purposes and objectives of your translation requirements. These guidelines are integrated into workflows, ensuring not only a high-quality result, but also a consistent and controlled output, ensuring continuous project-to-project success. image004

(Wiitrans Project Management Workflow)

Emphasis on Language Asset Management Language assets (translation memories and term bases) are important intangible assets of a company that will benefit future localization efforts in many ways. Your language assets are managed by Wiitrans on-demand. All data belongs to you, and as the client, you have sole discretion over its use. Additionally, Wiitrans offers impressive discounts for repetitive and high fuzzy content, which results in considerable cost savings for you.   Technical Solutions and Support Modern technology is crucial in the course of translation and localization. When faced with a large project, an LSP without such technical solutions will be lost in the sea of documents and spreadsheets, and this may affect the quality and efficiency of localization work. To solve such potential issues, Wiitrans has developed a range of proprietary computer-assisted translation tools and platforms.
  1. Wiitrans has developed WiiCAT - an online translation tool, which helps linguists work with translations more effectively, and ensures that terms are translated consistently and efficiently.
  1. WiiTM - a collaborative translation tool enables several linguists in different locations to work on the same translation project. The tool ensures high-quality translations, and also allows large projects to be completed within a short period of time.
  1. WiiConnector - a workflow automation solution integrates a customer’s content management system (CMS) with Wiitrans’ translation management system (TMS). By automating project workflows and management, document analysis, and linguist matching, the solution minimizes the amount of human intervention required. As such, project turnaround times are shortened and consecutive customer deadlines can be met continually.
  1. The multimedia audiovisual processing platform WiiMedia automatically analyzes videos, performs speech recognition, quickly processes timeline segments, and provides automated transcriptions. These features raise service efficiency by leaps and bounds, shorten project turnaround times, and reduce costs by as much as 50%.


Based in Asia, Wiitrans has provided its services to customers from a myriad of fields over the years. Being well-acquainted with the different objectives, pain points, and requirements of customers, we not only provide customers with multilingual translation and interpretation, as well as localization services, but also provide them with the necessary support and added value in our role as an LSP for the customer’s long-term interests. As our customers globalize, we are their trusted partner that they can rely on, with the very essence of Translation Made Simple, to set themselves apart from the competition internationally. Visit our website for more information and case studies: