How do We Guarantee High Quality and On-time Delivery?

Wiitrans firmly believes that good translators, proven translation methods and Quality Assurance (QA) processes, as well as proprietary technologies are the key to guarantee quality, efficiency and cost-saving translations. Good translators prefer to work with us, because as a member of the team we value their high quality work, and pay higher than the market average. How can we pay higher while still cutting your costs? The secret is in our proprietary technologies that automate many processes to improve efficiency and cut your costs. Our proven method integrates the best people, with our hands-on process management system and technologies to achieve quality consistency in every project.

Global Professional Translator Marketplace


Native Speakers

Industry Specific

5+ Years of Experience (av.)


Reference Checked

Translation Skill Tested

On-going Project Verification


In-house QA Team

KPI Evaluation for all Projects

KPI Data Record for all Translators

Translation Quality Reports Made Available to Clients

Agile Translation

Wiitrans Agile Translation Solutions enables us to provide our clients with quick turnaround and cost effective services. Agile Translation means that we work simultaneously with you on your projects. Incorporating our tailored translation team into your project flow, cultivates a natural progression throughout the entirety of your project. Just as each key element should be integrated from start to finish, this applied method has been proven effective in App translation, software localization with continuous delivery (CD) development, game localization, and website updates (especially for e-commerce and online shopping websites).

What Our LSP Customers have to Say

“I have to say that I am very pleased with your thoroughness and the quality of the deliverables, they seem spotless.”

Daniel Borbas

GLS Senior Project Manager

“Wiitrans PMs are always willing to listen and then customize comprehensive project schedules for us. What impresses me the most is that they carry out everything as scheduled – even when completing bulky multilingual projects.”

Scott Han

EC Innovations QA Director

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