Our Translators

Wiitrans tailor-makes each industry-specific translation team (Resources), and places priority on assigning the same translators to the same client, all the while keeps checking their performance records.

The Translator Matters

We carefully handpick native speaking translators based on their language pairs and verified experience in a specific industry, and further verify translators by checking their references, including how many words they have translated and what kind of content and projects they have been involved in. Once they are put on a project, Wiitrans continually evaluates all translators’ performance and records their KPI data in our system. Data is kept and evaluated on the basis of: translation and review scores categorized by focused industries, percentage of on-time delivery, compliance to guidelines, knowledge of a specific industry, response and availability, and is used when making translator choices. This enables us to ensure that professional translation resources and high quality services are provided to our clients.


Native Speakers

Industry specific

5+ Years Experiences(av.)


Reference Checked

Translation Skill Tested

On-going Project Verification


In-house QA Team

KPI Evaluation for all Projects

KPI Data Record for all Translators

Translation Quality Reports Made Available to Clients

Our professional Quality Assurance (QA) team members keep close track of translators’ performance and puts the upmost attention on client feedback. The translator is evaluated not only on translation quality, but is also compared to other translators’ KPIs. To ensure a competitive and growing team, Wiitrans performs training sessions and implements performance ratings based on KPIs, to help translators improve and better focus on customer service.

Subject Matter Translator Teams

To provide better translation service to clients, translators at Wiitrans are not only native speakers, but also recruited and maintained, categorized by focused industries. Translation quality scores and other KPI data of all translators are recorded and used as criteria for determining payment rate and when giving priority in job assignments. Wiitrans offers language solutions to the focused industries.


In each industry, Wiitrans organizes highly rated translators into tailored teams to provide top quality translation services to clients. According to your translation requirements, we will allocate an adequate number of translators to provide you with outstanding service 24/7/365. We have approximately 200 translators in each focused industry, and this allows for an impressive daily output without compromising on quality.

Mainstream Content Covered

Wiitrans teams are good at processing diversified content types with unique industry requirements, for example, the IT & Software teams specialize in translation and localization of GUI for Software,Apps and Games, Online Help, User Guide, etc. Industry-specific language requires the translator team to know the technologies used and have a true understanding of the product as well as the target market user preferences to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

We have tailored translator teams dedicated for the following content:


Wiitrans takes confidentiality and security issues very seriously. We are committed towards keeping your file confidential, preventing any illegal access to it. Each of our translators is bound by a commercial confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreement.

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