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Wiitrans integrates industry-specific translators, proprietary technologies, proven translation processes and imbedded Quality Assurance (QA) mechanisms to produce high quality, on-time delivery translation services at a cost effective rate.

Fully Prepared for Every Delivery

These guidelines are integrated into the workflows, ensuring not only a high quality result but also a consistent and controlled output, ensuring continuous project-to-project success.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Our QA system is imbedded into the entirety of the project lifecycle, not just on the translation process. From the initial project preparation stage to the Translation and Editing (T + E) process, to the final successful project sign-off, our QA efforts are involved in every single step of the project lifecycle.

During the “T + E” process, translated files will be reviewed by professional reviewers and a Language Quality Report (LQR) is automatically generated from our online CAT- WiiCAT, which is available for client review upon request. Translation quality scores and other KPIs of all translators are recorded in our system and categorized by focused industries; the KPI scores of each translator are then matched for the criteria of payment rate and the priority of job assignment accordingly.

To ensure high quality translated files and to motivate our translators and reviewers, Wiitrans in-house QA team will check files regularly, and will adjust the performance-based rate for translators and reviewers.


Dedicated Project Manager

Wiitrans has a team equipped with resourceful Project Managers (PMs) each with 5+ years of experience working in the localization industry, dedicated to serving enterprise clients. Your dedicated PM will respond to your requests with an understanding of your detailed requirements. PMs will deal with trivial project matters so you don’t have to, reducing your costs and saving your time.

Tailored Translator Team

By focusing on a few selected industries, Wiitrans can build tailored translator teams by focused industries. Projects are only assigned to the best-matched translators based on evaluated KPI data that is recorded for all future projects. Good industry-specific translator is the key factor in ensuring good quality.

Always Ready

With clients around the globe, we recognize that quick response and fast delivery are vital in translation services. With Wiitrans, you never have to worry about time differences. Once you have communicated your requirements and the project has been agreed to, we are ready to begin.

Language Asset Management

Language asset (translation memory and glossary) is an invaluable resource provided to all of our clients. Your language asset is managed by Wiitrans on-demand. All data belongs to you, and as the client, you have sole discretion of its use. Additionally, Wiitrans offers impressive discounts for repetitive and high fuzzy content, which results in considerable cost saving for you.


Wiitrans takes confidentiality and data security issues very seriously. We are committed towards keeping your file confidential, preventing any illegal access to it. Each of our translators is bound by a commercial confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreement.

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